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The gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is a global issue, and the Asia Pacific region is no exception.

The lack of gender equity is most apparent in engineering and information technology education, where only 21% and 29% of tertiary graduates are women. This gender imbalance is amplified in STEM-related research and development, where women make up only 20% of the workforce. 

There is much work that needs to be done before gender parity is achieved in Asia’s STEM ecosystem.

In response, The Asia Foundation has created the STEM ConnectHER program to support young women across the Asia Pacific region to start, build and persist in STEM fields, with the longer-term goal of creating greater innovation, opportunity and economic prosperity for all.

The Asia Foundation’s STEM ConnectHER program is a pan-regional network-of-networks to connect and support the next generation of women in STEM by providing them with access to mentorship and professional development opportunities.

STEM ConnectHER is part of The Asia Foundation’s Future Skills Alliance (FSA), a collective impact platform for private and public sector partners to deliver future skills at scale to the region’s underserved groups.

A pan-regional 'network-of-networks' to connect and support early-in-career women in STEM

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